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Kids Tennis Club Updates


10 and under

Kids Tennis Club is always a great time to meet new children. I love watching a new Kids Tennis Club member pick up what some call a "bat" or "rack". Some swing and hit the ball out of the fence and others swing repeatedly and the tennis ball goes right pass them. These some of the best times in seeing the children progress in loving the game. This 2016 10U Kids Tennis Club has been the most enjoyable. The children were always ready to try a new tennis skill. They reall enjoyed the stretches and fitness stations, and developmental skills. Personally I believe their favorite times were earning prizes for their progressions. The minimal instruction is truly why I believe that our children have fallen in love with the game.


14 and Under

This year’s 14U Kids Tennis Club was a blast. The kids had an awesome time! The games and instruction made sure that they made the most of their tennis experience. They participated and helped make everything more fun! Their enthusiasm made this year’s experience pleasurable and a joy to be a part of.